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Brass, woodwind and percussion kit rentals at Music Mart of Albuquerque

Music Mart offers school band instrument rentals through Music & Arts. Call us at (505) 889-9777 for more information, or stop by our store at 3301 Carlisle Blvd NE in Albuquerque. Click on the link above to rent your instrument on line. You can choose to have the instrument mailed to your home or select the option to pick up your instrument at our store in Albuquerque.

All of our instrument rental contracts are maintained and billed by Music & Arts. Based in Frederick, MD, the company specializes in instrument rentals and band and orchestra instrument sales. Music & Arts has served students, teachers and families through retail stores since 1952 and has over 115 retail locations in 22 states!

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Music Mart's instrument rental prices for 2015-16 are as follows:

  • Flutes (Closed Hole), Composite Bb Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Snare Kit, Bell Kit or Snare/Bell combo kits: $20.00/mo ($27.87/mo with LDW* and autopay)
  • Alto Sax, Oboe: $40.00/mo ($51.45 with LDW* and autopay)
  • Flutes (Open Hole), Wooden Bb Clarinet and Trigger Trombones: $40.00/mo ($50.38 with LDW* and autopay)
  • (Must be pre ordered through our online rental process and will be available to pick up in our store in 3-5 days.)
  • Tenor Sax, 3 Valve Baritone Horn or 4 Valve Euphonium, French Horn, Piccolo, Bb Bass Clarinet: $60.00/mo ($76.10 with LDW* and autopay)(Must be pre ordered through our online rental process and will be available to pick up in our store in 3-5 days.)
*LDW = Liability Damage Waiver. This coverage also provides repair and maintenance to your instrument. Please inquire for more information.

The Music Mart/Music & Arts instrumental program has some great benefits:
  • Quality Director Approved Instruments available NOW! (Featuring Jupiter, Bundy, Eastman Winds, Yamaha, Selmer, Geimenhardt, Buffet and Vito brands)
  • 100% of rent applies directly to purchase of the rental instrument or can be applied to purchasing a "New" student level instrument through Music & Arts*.
  • No penalty contract termination ANYTIME 
  • Exchange for a different or upgrade at ANYTIME and your equity follows you to the new instrument**.
  • Discounts for early payoff if you decide to keep the instrument, or discounts on new instruments 
  • With Liability Damage Waiver (LDW), all repairs, maintenance and the use of a loaner instrument if necessary are included.
(** Limited to specific brands and models which are determined by Music and Arts)