Ukuleles and Accessories

Music Mart carries Ohana, Dean, Woodrow and Hilo ukuleles in soprano, tenor, concert and baritone sizes. Shop instruments online, or if you need to locate a specific model? Just give us a call at 1-800-545-6204!
Lanikai Tenor Ukulele  KHS Music
Catalog: LUTU-21T
Price: $219.99
Los Angeles Angels Ukulele  Woodrow
Catalog: LEON00195236
Price: $89.99
Luna Guitar Luna Bari-Bass Ukulele w/Pre-Amp - Classic Black UKE-BBASS-CBK
Color: Black
Price: $329.00
Luna Guitar Luna Concert Ukulele UKE-VMCPAK
Price: $109.00
Los Angeles Dodgers Ukulele  Woodrow
Catalog: LEON00195237
Price: $89.99
Luna Guitar Luna Tenor Ukulele UKE-VMT
Catalog: UKE-VMT
Price: $129.00
Luna Guitar Luna Spruce Top Concert Ukulele UKE-TCSPR
Catalog: UKE-TCSPR
Price: $149.00
Maluhia Concert Uke - KMC/Musicorp UKEMALU
Catalog: UKEMALU
Size: KMC/Musicorp
Price: $179.99
Luna Pineapple Tattoo Ukulele w/Bag UKETATTOO
Manufacturer: KMC/Musicorp
Price: $139.99
Luna Soprano Tribal Turtle Ukulele w/Bag UKEHONU
Catalog: UKEHONU
Manufacturer: KMC/Musicorp
Price: $129.99
Magic Fluke Solid Color Concert Ukulele - Ukelyptus M40UKEL
Catalog: M40UKEL
Size: Concert
Color: Green
Regular Price: $205.00
On Sale For $199.00
Montreal Canadiens Ukulele  Woodrow
Catalog: LEON00195276
Price: $89.99