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Ukuleles and Accessories

Music Mart carries Ohana, Dean, Woodrow and Hilo ukuleles in soprano, tenor, concert and baritone sizes. Shop instruments online, or if you need to locate a specific model? Just give us a call at 1-800-545-6204!
Alfred's Teach Yourself to Play Ukulele, Complete Starter Pack
Catalog: ALFR00-37379
Size: Ukulele
Color: All
Price: $49.99
And I Ride - CD
Catalog: 789577742727
Size: CD
Manufacturer: Mark Baker
Price: $15.00
Hal Leonard Ukulele Starter Pack
Catalog: LEON00650804
Size: Ukulele
Price: $79.99
Luna Pineapple Tattoo Ukulele w/Bag UKETATTOO
Manufacturer: KMC/Musicorp
Price: $139.99
Luna Soprano Tribal Turtle Ukulele w/Bag UKEHONU
Catalog: UKEHONU
Manufacturer: KMC/Musicorp
Price: $129.99
Ohana Soprano Ukulele Solid Mahogany Ohana Music SK-10S
Catalog: SK-10S
Size: Soprano
Color: Mahogany
Regular Price: $99.00
On Sale For $83.00
Ukulele for Kids Starter Pack
Catalog: LEON00119947
Size: Ukulele
UPC: Various
Price: $49.99
Play Ukulele Today! Complete Kit
Catalog: LEON00650743
Size: Ukulele
Price: $39.99
Maluhia Concert Uke - KMC/Musicorp UKEMALU
Catalog: UKEMALU
Size: KMC/Musicorp
Price: $179.99
Ohana Soprano Ukulele, Spruce Top, Mahogany Sides & Back  Ohana Music
Catalog: SK-75
Size: Soprano
Color: Spruce/Mahogany
Regular Price: $299.00
On Sale For $279.00
Ohana Soprano Uke Case - Soft Sided UCS-21
Catalog: UCS-21
Color: Black
Manufacturer: Ohana Music
Price: $40.00
Luna Tribal Soprano Ukulele  Luna Guitar
Regular Price: $69.00
On Sale For $59.00