Apparel & Accessories

Music Mart's boutique department is full of shirts, socks, scarves and other music themed apparel and accessories. browse our department here, or give us a call at 1-800-545-6204 ext 710 and an associate will help you find the perfect item!

Lanyard Guitar Purple  A.I.M./Albert Elovitz
Catalog: 44455
Color: Purple/ Red
Price: $3.50
Socks - Foot Notes  Music Gift Comp
Catalog: SOC01
Price: $8.95
Music Score Hair Scrunchie  Music Treasures
Catalog: 143010
Price: $9.99
Socks - Music Big/Little Notes  Music Treasures
Catalog: 142054
Price: $9.99
Socks - Red Note 3D  Music Treasures
Catalog: 142056
Price: $12.99
Socks - Manuscript  Music Gift Comp
Catalog: SOC07
Price: $8.95
Socks - Keyboard  Music Gift Comp
Catalog: SOC08
Price: $8.95
Umbrella Mini Automatic Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head Black  Music Gift Comp
Catalog: UM22
Size: Mini
Color: Black
Price: $24.95